Big Wins at WOW!

It occurred to me this week that I didn’t update my blog last year to celebrate my persistence in The World of Wearable Art that culminated in a huge win for myself and my collaborator Bruce Mahalski.  I’ve been entering WOW since 1995, with 27 finalist entries in show and whilst the sole object of […]


May was the start of the colder weather, but also the launch of Masher, my new mid-grade fiction!Published by Penguin Random House.I wrote the first draft of this novel when I was the 2019 Otago University Creative New Zealand College of Education Children’s Writer in Residence (phew what a mouthful!) It was in my last […]

Are you exhausted?

How are you all doing?Since the pandemic has taken over our lives, I have developed the ability to sit quietly for HOURS at a time doing absolutely nothing. This is amazing for me! I look back on my previously hectic life, travelling around the country, delivering workshops and rushing home to make giant panda and […]

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